Inri Crucifix (Gold)

Color: Gold

One of the most Iconic symbols worn by the fashion elites of the world. The Inri Crucifix is a reminder of the sacrifice given to everyone from God.

✞ 18K Gold & 316L Stainless Steel
✞ Water, Heat, Sweat Proof
✞ Hypoallergenic (No Green Skin)
      Included: 24in Link Chain 
       2 x 1.25in Pendant

        Your jewelry is Craftd in Christ. 

        But sometimes, accidents happen. That's why every piece comes complete with a Full Lifetime Warranty. 

        Snapped a chain? Damaged a pendant? We got you.

        Please note: Our Lifetime Warranty only covers accidental damage. So heads up – If your piece is lost, stolen or damaged via a third-party, we can’t cover this.

        Craftd Christ inspires you to share your love for God with others.